Privacy Policy

Information collecting

OCEAN PRIME Co., Ltd may collect and store personally identifiable information acquired through provision of services by this Website, including mail delivery, link registration, and various inquiries. The purpose for information collection will be specified at the time of request and the information will be handled appropriately within the scope of our stated intent.

Limitations on use and disclosure of personal information

Use of personal information provided (registered) by the User is limited to the scope of the collection purposes as specified beforehand. Use of personal information outside the scope of the stated collection purposes or disclosure of such information to third parties outside of OCEAN PRIME Co., Ltd. will only be permitted under the following circumstances:

– In compliance with legally based requests for information;

– When public disclosure is deemed appropriate, and only with the express permission of the party involved;

– When the information is required by a third party in order to perform consigned services, in which case the information may only be used as required to perform those services.

Access log

OCEAN PRIME Co., Ltd maintains an access log, including IP address, of those who access this website. The information contained in this access log will not be used for any purposes other than statistical analyses of access frequency, etc.
The results of these statistical analyses are used to better understand the access tendencies of our users to aid in future site management.

Control of personal information

The website administrator strictly controls personal information collected from Users and works to prevent loss, breach of confidence, abuse, falsification, or destruction of such information.

Deletions, alterations and disclosures

We endeavor to implement customer requests for deletion, alteration, or disclosure of personal information as quickly as possible within the limits of the law. Please make any requests via the contact information provided below, as your identity will need to be confirmed. A processing fee of \2,000 (tax included) will be charged for requests for disclosure of information.

Modification of privacy policy

OCEAN PRIME Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify this privacy policy without prior notice. Users will be notified of any changes to the agreement via a posting to this Website.

Third-party links on this website

This company assumes no responsibility for the handling of information provided by Users to third-party websites accessed via links displayed on this Website or our Shopping Site. Please take time to confirm the policies regarding the handling of personal information for each site you visit.

Use of Cookie

We will obtain information using a cookie for the purpose of providing information listed below.

  • Information on browsing histories.
  • Information coordinated with the information entered through inquiries, assessments, etc.
  • Information on page function settings.

With a browser function, cookie functions can be set to OFF and deleted, but a page may not be displayed correctly.


All personal information provided to this site by our customers is handled with the utmost care and responsibility, with our President, Tomomi Kurokawa, taking personal responsibility for its administration.

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Date of Last Revision: 12 July 2020